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Guest Testimonials

Dear Footsteps to India
This was definitely one of the best RBE trips we have done and we owe a lot of success to you! Thank you all of you for your help and coordination with the hotel and the transport. Everything you do is with the highest level of professionalism & excellence. We would definitely recommend Footsteps to India to any school, company, family who are planning to come to this beautiful country, they won’t go wrong. All the best!

Mr. Josh Allen

Footsteps to India followed through an every promised detail and listened to my interests and helped me experience India to the fullest. Excellent tours & professionalism!
Thank you.

Ms. Gabriella Herzog

Thank you footsteps to India for a fantastic experience in Delhi. Your staff was knowledgeable, helpful and professional. I enjoyed each and every activity immensely and will remember your hospitality and my time here forever!

Mr. Cameron Moss

Sumedha, this trip would not have been possible without you. Major events needs lot of set up and you went out of your way to arrange and answer even small questions. Hope to see you again soon!

Mr. Sachit Mistry

Very good Logistics. Footsteps to India had every detail into account. Meals and transportation were very comfortable. Thank you Footsteps to India!

Mr. Virgilio Escobar

’This has been a fantastic trip. Thank you for the hospitality. I enjoyed the hotel, whole tour, see you next time!’’

Mr. Dniel RJ Rooke

It was amazing!! Excellent tour. You not only know your job but your history too. Thank you for the unforgettable experience.

Mr. Jose Flores

Excellent tour: interesting destinations, comfortable transportation and wonderful staff who are well informed, helpful and extremely friendly. I would highly recommend Footsteps to India to future guests. Thank you for making this trip so memorable.

Ms. Tracy May

Footsteps to India - this was a fantastic trip & a great learning experience. Undoubtedly it could not have been done without your fantastic service. Thank you so much!

Mr. Steve Bay

Thank you for all your careful and thoughtful planning. Everything was so perfect & such a blessing to be here. Thank you for adding & enhancing our experience.

Ms. Brittany Dunn