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‘Kerala Information’ provides you with the general information about the State.  ‘Kerala Hotels’ and ‘Kerala resorts’ intend to provide you with the information to facilitate you to make a choice for staying during the tour. The exotic backwaters are the main tourist attraction in Kerala. ‘Kerala Backwater’ introduces you to these spots. The ancient system of holistic treatment of medicines called Ayurveda is still practiced in Kerala. ‘Kerala Ayurveda’ provides you with information about opportunities of seeking treatment and enjoying distinct form of spa with herbal oils.  ‘Kerala Houseboats’ introduces you to spots to enjoy houseboat staying.  For its exotic beauty, Kerala is known as God’s own country. ‘Splendors of Kerala’ provides you with the information about the splendid destinations.  ‘Ayurveda Tour’ is a description of locations you shall visit during this interest-specific tour.


The South-Western tip of India locates the cleanest Indian State of Kerala  along the Arabian Sea in the west and bounded by the Western Ghats in the East. There are famous beaches along seashore and hill stations on Western Ghats.

 Kerala is most frequented tourist destination in India.  Kerala  attracts a large number of tourists for its pleasant climate throughout the year, clean beaches, backwaters, network of rivers, hill stations,  wildlife sanctuaries, waterfalls, spice plantations, paddy fields, Ayurveda medication, art, culture, music, dance, festivals, historical monuments,  cuisine and houseboat cruise.  Malayalam is the local language. Kerala has the highest rate of literacy in India and the people in urban areas understand English. Kerala is multi- ethnic and multi- religious State  with Hindus, Christians and Muslims living in perfect harmony..


Kerala is called ‘God’s Own Country’ and many festivals are celebrated round the year.  Boat races in Kerala are popular.  People of Kerala are proud of their culture. They have kept alive their cultural practices, classical dance and music forms, folklores and traditional life style.