Taj Mahal

Taj Mahal, one of wonders of the world and declared World Heritage Site by UNESCO, is most frequented monument of India.  So this Section is intended to give you the detailed information about every aspect related to Taj Mahal viz. general information, its location, its site, its architecture, its gardens etc. We also enrich your knowledge by telling you it history, story, myths, Mumtaj Mahal whose mausoleum it is besides the information about visits, time to visit and our tour. 

Buy an entry ticket and step into Taj Mahal premises through the Gate.  Walking along Pathways by a side of the rectangular pool with fountains and reach the monument standing on a raised Platform with minarates on each of the four corners of the patform.   Watch the architectural design of structure with fine art work on the minarates and carvings in marble on enterance of the mausoleum  In the Muesoleum, you will find  craftwork in soft white marble tucked by the semi precious stones.  This is the Paradise where the Queen is lying at rest in perfect tranquility.

Inside, there is the main interior hall in octagonal in shape. Four rectangular rooms are there one each on every side and four octagonal rooms one each in every corner. All the rooms are interconnected through passages. The upper storey at first floor has same arrangement of rooms.  Corridors on the ground floor connect the main hall with the corner rooms. Southern side is open. Other sides are closed with screens.